DJ Siroch/Heis | Reckless Talk


Family Average: 3/7

Heyoooo excuse me for the exclamation there, but we have to get reckless people! The album is all about reckless talk, and I for one am getting into the spirit. Lets see if the family can pull themselves together and get weird and wild.

Listen along on Spotify and read on to find out:


Oh whaaat hey there my reckless friends. Why do I feel the urge to simultaneously dance, sing, and nap all at once? I think it has something to do with this real downtempo mood running throughout the whole album. So the name does well to capture the general mood of the thing. While it is Reckless, nobody is shouting or jumping around; they are just staying real calm like. I was a fan of both the interludes on this album, I think that's where I saw the most creative things happening in terms of musical exploration. Our dear DJ Siroch flexed his production skills. Gosh he takes in sounds and flings out hot tracks like "LAVA". Love the weird backwards sounding swirling noise in the track (schoolyard fun). I was also a fan of the many little orchestral bits they wove into the tracks. Each time one of them popped up it gave the track this feeling of grandeur (Knock Ya Block has a great example of this). Nothing gets me more pumped than a song that makes ya feel lavish. Lastly want to give a high five for ending with a pretty good song “Soulful Frequency” was a spectacular way to ride out the album, honestly I think think this one shines the brightest. A real stand out and It did a great job finishing off the collection.



In Reckless Talk we start with “Horny”. First off the name—like why. It feels unfinished, not full, like things are missing. It's got potential, groovy things, but not quite there. I’m sorry but the first couple of songs go on like this. It sounds like a high school Soundcloud rapper who grew up to live in his mama's basement. Just someone who raps mediocrely about how great they are when they’ve done nothing. I mean with song titles like “Horny,” “Wiggle It,” and “Blessed be Thy Homie” what do you expect?

Then we get to “Epic”. This track had some real, good lyrics, with the societal commentary. The beat was like "tender" ahah I dunno but good good work. Up until this point I was gonna give up on the album. Still, it looks like they did the classic shitty musician thing where you stretch out the word to make it fit in with the rhythm instead of just picking words that fit. “Chillin’, Killin’ Time” if ya don't really pay attention and just have it on in the background is nice. “Soulful frequency” had something pleasing about it, kind of like a metaphor for the whole album. As a whole it’s not quite there, but something is. 



Reckless what a an album title. An alternative may have been “Useless Talk” because quite honestly, this just felt like white-noise to me. I didn’t mind the beats or rhythm, but the rhymes and lyrics just felt like they were being mumbled without much conviction. That being said, there were some sweet moments in each song, and the included strings section really added some dimension to the album as a whole. The saving grace was definitely the track “Epic,” which felt extremely considered and made some solid socio-political commentary without being too obnoxious. It had a sort of Macklemore and Atmosphere vibe running through it, but is unique enough to stand on its own. If they continue more down that road, they could really have something. 



Reckless Talk has a sound that is very much in right now; mellow late night vibes for sure. Lyrically every song was distinct, but the beats (though groovy) all blended generically. Overall, it reminded me of the Halloween party I ended up at last year that had a $20 cover but was just someone’s apartment with lasers and fog and a ton of people doing coke. That being said, the song “Relaxed AF” was dope.


Sean Maldjian