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Family Average: 6/7

All around me are familiar faces…it is a very very Wack World. The family had a run in with a rather unique album concept. A collection of songs each clocking in at a minute long. Did this rapid fire song delivery system impress the family? Read below to find out.

Listen along on Her Spotify and read on to find out:


I can’t stress enough how good of an idea this album was. What a gosh darn gorgeous collection of little song vingets. Much like a slightly extended version of Fingertips by They Might Be Giants the listener can already play the rest of the song in their head, in a way there is no need to keep repeating verses and choruses, I really appreciate that. It really plays well to my musical ADD, also as an added bonus you can zone out to the spectacular little videos that accompany each of the songs. The sound on the whole is crisp, and with a wide breadth of tones. I wish I could make a comprehensive list of all the instruments heard here, but that ADD is kicking in again and I am going to instead talk about some other stuff. In addition to the wide range of interesting sounds used there is also some really great variety of the kinds of songs produced which shows off the vocal range of Miss Whack. From soulful R&B sounds, to some rap, some kind of country twang oh gosh there is a lot to hear. Not sure how to end so maybe I will let you know what my favorite song was… “Silly Sam”. Okay thats all see you next time.



Meg: We’ve entered a moment in music where artists are trying to reinvigorate the medium. Everyone is looking for that which is new, that which is exciting, that which is authentic. Enter Tierra Whack, who dives feet first, kicking and screaming into the pool, and blows everyone else out of the water. This album is an audiovisual, theatrical explosion of irreverence and ingenuity. It’s disorienting, abrupt, and ignores convention. It functions like a visceral performance piece and personal statement. One minute; one song; one vignette into her erratic and wonderful mind. She moves quick and dares you to keep up as scenes rapidly morph within her hyper-saturated, satirical imagination. Bouncing between genres and references, Whack waxes poetic about her lived experience. The messages are cryptic, the cadence lively. It’s a completely screwed up collage and assemblage of moments and moods. There's a thread of nostalgia running through as she toys with scenes of childhood, tapping into greater themes of loss and pain. Yet, by glossing over it all with dark humor and flamboyance, it is palatable, relatable, and somehow whimsical. It is completely bonkers and I was floored. Whack is, in every sense of the word, an artist. She tackled numerous personas in this single debut, and left me unsure of where she is going next. Like all successful works of art, this album challenges expectations, inspires new modes of thought, and offers no concrete answers.  



Between the rapid-fire lyrics and the minute to minute changeups, this is an album that demands your full attention. The visuals add a lot to the experience, but I’m going to try to just stuck with the music. Tierra Whack has created an album that definitely can be described as whack, but in a good way. The tracks, each only about a minute long, pack a lot into such small snippets of time. It’s like listening to an album with the slow/monotonous parts cut out. While this kept everything fresh, it did make things jarring from time to time. Rather than building up, a song would hit the ground running and then just as you were getting into the groove it was gone.
I admire artists that go out on a limb and experiment like Tierra Whack has, taking risks rather than sticking with a status quo. But of course they can’t all be winners, it’s a trial and error process. Some of the songs ended up being a bit dry or unappealing. The songs where her vocals turned down a couple levels and flattened out sounded too tone deaf. The rest of her forays into vocal styles were successful though. From melodic singing, to fast and precise enunciation, to even the strange southern drawl, they all had their own charm.
The vocals were definitely the focal point of this collection, but the music definitely provided a nice accent. Some were just a a simple beat, while others got a bit more advanced, but none of them were too overpowering. I appreciate that the high hat wasn’t used excessively, as it’s been a thing I’ve been seeing a lot lately.



Tierra Whack is  my music review catharsis, thank you meg (my meg by blood) for the opportunity to review this. Lets begin! I think there is something to be said about the length here; is that too much of a cop out for me to talk about? No. I was happy with the format of this. In my opinion, Whack proves a point - not every pop song has to be 3 minutes and 15 seconds with the x amount of choruses and x amount of verses and possibly a bridge if they are feeling a little extra. Within the 1 minute the emotion is conveyed and that’s what makes it successful; emotion is EVERYTHING; its all about the emotion;  the three most important parts of a song emotion emotion emotion. Whacks emotion established in seconds why bother dragging it on? Whack cuts out all the fat of a bloated album and provides some nice sweet candy. Can the length be an issue here? I don’t really think so. I should probably give you an argument for this. Sometimes i have to listen to an album and i really dont like it. If you listen to this album and hate it, well you only spent 15 minutes. Enjoy!



Tierra Whack is an artist. A visionary. A mind to watch. “Best believe I’m gon’ sell If I just be myself.” I believe you Tierra Whack Too many clever lines, I’m just gonna pepper them in throughout this review.  “Rice next to my kale.” Also, did ya catch the “probably would have blown up overnight if I was white.” Unapologetically truthful. From ridiculously clever lyrics that have you smirking and going did she just--to the visuals, the beats, the worlds she creates in each song. She invokes so many images and appeals to so many senses in an impossibly short amount of time. “Salt pepper ketchup and hot sauce” I can’t highlight certain songs cus they're all royalty, but “Pet Cemetery” always wins me over in some way, the beat is almost Lil Yachty like. Infectious, she knows ya want more but you can't have it “I'm not perfect but I improvise” “If you love someone you should tell them” Yah wait let me talk about all the POSITIVE ADVICE she gives, like the quote above as well as the mindful nutritionist lines “I eat all my vegetables... lower my cholesterol...that fast food just make you slow.” Tierra Whack’s presence throughout is independent, powerful, unapologetically non-fuck giving. A role model and a half. Coming back to the beats: funky at times, nursery rhymes, video games, glowing pink lights, bubbles, and board games. “I wrote this cus I feel ten feet tall” Like Willy Wonka how she is surrounded by complete unpredictable madness yet undeniably knows exactly where she is, what she's doing, and where's she going, effortlessly and comfortably gliding through all the worlds of this album, the worlds of her creation, with that maddening and at times juvenile and innocent smile. Yet the pooower is undeniable. I can’t remember where I saw it but someone said that this album was supposed to be like a gumball machine and each time you put in a quarter you got 1 min of a song. And that eases my mind on the only thing that I wanted differently: for the songs to keep going). It’s like she’s saying I have all this talent but this is all I’m gonna give the world for now.  



Wow! What an amazing artist in every sense of the word. The video and the album are a complete package, much like performance art. This type of pairing really adds to the album. It's very apparent this artist is in charge of this project and her confidence in her ability here is amazingly strong. I thought it was also unique to have short 1 minute songs rolling into each other and making you, at least in most cases wanting for more.The music encompassed Rap, Hip Hop, R & B as well as a bit of pop. So in that regard should appeal to just about everyone. One benefit to reviewing different albums here is that you get a chance to hear something new, fresh and exciting.  I give this a


Sean Maldjian