Roofers Union | Friends (Single)

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Family Average: 4/7

Have y’all ever had Pick N Mix? The candy?

It’s a confectionary treat / abomination in which small children stick their grubby hands into buckets of highly processed sugary treats to create a mixed bag of said highly processed sugary treats. You get a little bit of everything, are left bouncing off the walls, and it’s a grand old time. 

Similarly eclectic, Roofer’s Union delivers sounds that draw on numerous influences and induce a similar sugary coma. Below, the family had a listen of their latest release, and share some CHOICE words.


Roofers Union's "Friends" was a pleasant venture into indie pop. Nicely arranged and produced and lovely vocals round out this track and leave you wanting for more. I give this a



Meghan Maldjian - Airy, light, fun, and head-noddy. A classy little bop with a great bassline and some synth action. A good time. 



Clearly taking inspiration from a bevy of psych rock and soul predecessors, Roofer’s Union’s created a track that feels like some sort of softened pop version of LCD Soundsystem meets Lewis Del Mar. It’s cheery, bouncy, and busy — there’s a lot of noises happening here. Overall, it’s floaty and cute, and will get the toes tapping. 



There is a lot of talent behind these microphones but sadly i just didnt ever feel the emotion here. It felt more like a final project for music theory class. 



There was a fair bit of humph missing from this track. I did appreciate the “drunk drumming” that cropped up about half way through. That being said technical skills is not all that makes up a good listen. There seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm in the production that ended up hurting the end result. This feeling may also stem from how safe the song felt. Everything was done by the books as not to offend any listeners. That's all well and good but why not throw a little challenge in the mix?



Pleasant tune for a Sunday afternoon. This song has a nice vibe to it, with quality vocals, however it lacks something. It would make for good background music. 


Sean Maldjian