The Dawn Drapes | Slow Spin

Slow Spin by The Dawn Drapes

Family Average: 5/7

That Dawn Draper always getting into all kinds of advertising mischief. Well what have we here? The Dawn Drapes? The same Harrisonburg, VA based band putting out fluttery folky jams? The same Dawn Drapes that just put out an album Slow Spin? What perfect timing. Gather around everyone we are going to do a review.

Listen along below and read on to find out:


The Dawn Drapes had me spinning, dancing in my kitchen. Spaghetti sauce everywhere in the best way. I think Sean caught the hint with my anger and frustration of the past few metal albums and songs I’ve had to review. Slow Spin is much, much more my speed haha.

We open with what feels like a genuine throwback in “All Things Considered”. The harmonies, groovy sounds, and guitar solos remind me of all the feel good music of my childhood that my Dad would play.

 “Love and Growing Old” they expand into a style that is very much their own. It strays from the first track in that all the familiar elements are warped and really played with. The result is refreshing. “Dirty Drain” comes in with heavy energy and a pounding drum line. This song felt like Wilco to me, and damn if I don’t love me some Jeff Tweedy haha. Ahh all these tracks are so good. It’s like the karma of listening to the metal paid of with this undiscovered (to me) GEM.

 “Runaway” takes the energy of Dirty Drain and plummets it into a strung out psychedelic break slow jam. I get the dancing feet back again with “Still Fit”. Almost gives me a Matthew Sweet vibe. Ooo yes the guitar at 1:30 on this track-so much fun to be had here. “I’m not crazy for you I just can’t ever quit” — yeah stab me in the heart with that little lyric. Their harmonies also shine on this track, probably my favorite of the bunch. “Pistol” gets funky and “Moving Through You” gets slow. This is the song is the time I’d imagine everyone pulling their phones out to sway around. Maybe you grab someone’s hand in the dark. Maybe you grab another beer. You know, that kind of song. Just a great slow and sexy tune.

Overall, so happy to have gotten to listen and cook to this album. I’d highly recommend if you want to have a good time in the kitchen whipping up a weekday din to throw these guys on.



Slow Spin kind of sounds how a warm blanket on the beach feels.

If you told me my sister used to have one or two of these songs on a cd in the car back when we were in high school I’d believe you. It’s alternative music with a comfortable familiarity. It’s got a mellow, feel-good vibe that puts me in mind of Vampire Weekend crossed with Fountains of Wayne and then slowed down to like 80%. “All Things Considered” sets the mood and showcases this very clearly. I’m not sure how to describe it, but “warm” is how a lot of the instruments feel? Especially the acoustic guitar that’s mixed in with the electric one. “Love Growing Old” does a significant changeup and goes much softer. Even the vocals become quieter, close to whispering in some parts even. While it’s less varied than the others, it makes sure not to overstay it’s welcome. It actually ended right when I was thinking to myself “okay when does this wrap up” so good timing there.

As the album progresses, the songs start to become slower and more chill. A couple songs like “Dirty Drain” utilize the subtlest distortion and it works very well with the echoey vocal effects. “Runaway” takes it even softer, where drums take a backseat to a tambourine and electric keyboard. I’m not even sure what that initial instrument is in “Pistol”, but that might be an electric keyboard too just on a different setting. It also picks up the tempo just a teeny bit, and it’s where the Vampire Weekend feel really is most prominent. “Moving Through You” serves as a good bookend to “All Things Considered” because while they both have that warm energy to them and a similar sound, they’re incredibly different in most other respects.

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive, sorta beachy, sorta dreamy alternative album with some 2000’s flair, give these guys a listen.



This collection of tunes had a very familiar feel to it, much like an old pair of jeans, the kind that are well broken in and are beyond comfortable. I was a fan from the initial track and the opening guitar chord. I must admit that I am partial to pop-folk music, and Dawn Drapes does not disappoint.

“All Things Considered” is a throwback to the feel good music of the mid 90’s. Think Sister Hazel, Hootie & the Blowfish, or The Wallflowers but with vocals are more like that soft, classic folk rock of the late 70’s (Gerry Rafferty). All this cross pollination works quite well, finish it off with a simple but well placed guitar lick at the end of the track, and it leaves you wanting to hear more. “Love and Growing Old”, track two doesn’t disappoint that want. It had a real groovy 60’s sound and I liked it a lot.

“Dirty Drain” is a well produced number that even Jeff Lynne would give a nod to, with it’s arrangement similar to an ELO song. “Still Fit” is another pleasant little ditty, that flows effortlessly, with a catchy refrain, I would have to say those three tracks appealed to me the most, the other songs were a bit mellow, and kind of blended into each other for me. However, I will say that they were well done.

All things considered, I would like to hear more from these guys. Fun Stuff for sure.



Hello Dawn Drapes, my bland friends. The Dawn Drapes offer a solid bit of indie pop with a psychedelic bend. I'm always up for some good melodies, well-honed harmonies, and a grooving rhythm. The tracks playing into that dreamy, twinkling quality of the genre, and it feels pretty rich overall. It's warm and sunny, with good hooks and accessible lyrics. Everything about it is inoffensive and low key. Play it at a party -- no one's gonna kick up a fuss and everyone's gonna groove just a little.

But now please, take everything I say with a grain of salt -- I think I'm just disenchanted and crotchety with indie music lately. I found this to be totally vanilla. It's a solid album, but nothing new or progressive. Indie-psych music has been done ten times over, and I've always been a fan. But hey, even if you love vanilla ice cream, if you eat it all the time you get bored of it! And I love vanilla! I really do. It's a delicious frozen treat and one of the best smells in the world! But man was I bored.

Throw in some chocolate chips. Maybe some nuts! I don't know. Okay, I'm done with the ice cream analogies.


Sean Maldjian