Family Average: 2/7

Put on your space helmets and get ready for a swift and deadly descent, with the latest from this Connecticut noise punk group, Space Camp. “Inevitable Demise” left some impressed and some utterly confused, with not much in between.

Listen on their Bandcamp to see what we mean, and read on to find out what we had to say:


I used to do a lot of apologizing and rationalizing about how I don’t appreciate a certain genre but in this case I have some sage advice: Seek professional help people, seek professional help. This album was disturbing, alarming and repulsive. If your objective was to shock and disgust people you have accomplished your goal.

At the end of the day what do I know? Crawl back into the basement and make as much noise as you like, mommy and daddy will continue to pay your bills.  

As for me? Fuck dat shit.



I’d like to think I’m pretty open and eclectic in my music taste, but I had to turn this off and give myself a breather before diving back in. It's honestly pretty rough, but that's kind of the point. Once you acclimate to their sheer noise and anger of it all, you can begin to appreciate it. These folks are literally smashing and protesting socio-cultural mores, dealing with anxieties and aggression surrounding gender and identity. It’s a frantic tornado of energy propelled by crashing drums, where every song is jagged and snarling, but somehow fluid. It feels very DIY. They want to be heard and seen are making the most amount of noise possible to do so.

Could I see myself go to their show? Surprisingly, yes. But I guarantee my ears will ring and my head will throb and my heart will probably hurt for the following week.



Nothing like some chaotic noise punk to kick off a hungover Monday morning. Hi, I’m Sean. I’m currently pressing the heels of my hands into my eyes in an effort to keep them from slowly oozing out. Luckily I have a more than fitting soundtrack to this struggle. Space Camp just hammers you with the most abrasively catchy tunes, all while tackling some pretty heavy subjects. The combination makes for a surreal experience. It for sure shot them to the top of my list of bands I would love to see live.

There is just so much palpable intensity, and it was only playing through my busted up headphones. I was having flashbacks to acts like Rapeman, Big Black, and even McClusky. But, they definitely have their own kind of spin on the genre. Like I said, they do a great job injecting catchy hooks and lighthearted little change ups, synchronized with some spectacular drum fills.

Them drums. Dang they really stand out on this album. Absolutely thundering through most tracks, my favorite is “Theft Under $1,000.”  

All and all a great album for somebody who is into the genre.



This album contained tracks that were short, but still intolerable. Even with albeit interesting instrument additions such as a piano that sounded like it was stolen out of a Toys R Us on “UnInterrupted Prosperity”.

God from the lyrics I just couldn’t stand to listen to this person for five seconds in small talk at a party. This isn’t my genre though, Space Camp so don’t be butt hurt. I’m sure Sean or someone will give you at least a 5.

Unfortunately, inevitably, it’s a no from me dog.



Oh okay. Wow, that first track I had no idea what kind of music this was going to be because it started with complete static and nothingness. But then there was an attack of noise from all the instruments they got and oh yes those vocals. (I chose the word “attack” because that’s how I felt, under attack.)

I literally never ever listen to this genre so I don't consider myself apt to differentiate between whether bands of this genre are good or not, as my ears are not accustomed to hearing this, to me it's just kind of noise, like a language you don’t speak.

In “Righteous Dollar Bills” I was feeling a bit of the guitar.

Amidst the screaming, “Uninterrupted Prosperity” had in the beginning a guitar that sounded like a child playing with like a toy that makes nursery rhyme like ice cream truck music even like the tone sounded like it was coming out of a weathered plastic toy, a bit of a weird contrast to the heavy screaming and fast pace.

I guess they got something going on but I’m gonna stay in my world away from it.


Sean Maldjian