Possum | The Hills (Single)


Family Average: 5/7

Apparently the “O” in the word “opossum” is actually silent, so props to Possums for cutting that dead weight. This Ontario-band has no time for silent letters. For starters, there are too many snacks to be eaten.

This psych rock band is chock full of surprises, slicing and dicing expectation and convention to do whatever the heck they want. So run to the “Hills” and have listen to these manic marsupials.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


This song is a bit of a journey that never quite ends and never lets ya settle in because it’s constantly changing. We start off with lots of energy and fuzz and the guitar just rips right through there. The distortion is mental, I like.  Then it breaks down and gets more like late 60s rock a little Santana-y, and are those bongos? A trip for sure, and the video accompanies wonderfully.



Unabashedly playful, Possums has taken the psych rock genre to another, very DIY level.

This is a track full of tricks. It opens with some solid guitar riffs, percussion...the usual sort of rock fodder, but it quickly moves into an erratic assemblage of fuzz and energy. They've created a shifting amalgamation of imagery and color and sound and noise. It’s a synesthetic experience in which I am seeing sounds and hearing colors.

Your mind is racing, your eyes are bouncing, trying to find a place to rest, to linger. But it's impossible to pin down because each moment jumps into another. There's a '60s sort of psychedelia meets garage running through which panders to my heart. With a unique handling, they've amped up the layers, the textures, and the colors, giving it a unique and compelling direction.

Basically, it's weird and I like it a whole lot.



RUN TO THE HIILLLLS RUN FOR YOUR LIIEEEEFFF! Gosh darn that phrase “The Hills” conjures such vivid imagery in my mind. Does it do that for anyone else? Hills have eyes? Hills crawling with dozens of German children and their singing nanny. There is just so much. Now there is this. A throbbing hard rocking Possum Jam. Qelcome to the inner workings of my mind folks. The Possum rocks. Them Possums Rock.

The Hills is the first single released of off Toronto, Ontario native band Possum. On the track Possum conjures energy like a dark wizard. One of those real mythic ones with eyes that are all white, and barely any teeth left. The kind of wizard that crushes up a squirrel in a bowl, and produces a potion that can make lightning rain down from the sky. I hope I am getting through to you. This band is made of raw energy. Harnessed and then delivered in calculated blows. This track has flung the door wide open. I now eagerly await the arrival of the rest of the album.


Sean Maldjian