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Family Average: 4/7

Lookie lookie, our old friend Stephen is back and has come to PLAY! Friend of the blog / family / creatures great and small, Mr. Stephen Babcock has got a new release for your consideration. Ever a storyteller, Babcock’s latest has got us weighing morals alongside some foot stomping tunes.

Did it strike a chord with the family? Look below and see what they had to say.


This song sounds like a journey. A confident sound, classy vocals and instrumentals to match. Reminds me of the southwest, even though I’ve never been there, so I guess the essence of that place.



Our old friend Stephen! Never one to shy from a good narrative, Babcock tells a story of good and evil (kinda) with his usual jam-y, country, folky tunes. This track had a moodier stomp than his usual repertoire, and I highly approve. It stays true to his plucky self, but offers more of an edge and bite than his usual honeyed tunes. 



Oh Stevie you warm my heart with your melancholic folky jams. On this track we are transported to an eerie set piece. A lonely road in the desert where old folk tales run rampant. Out there exists Nothing for miles. Except for Harry D. Stanton walking with a gallon of water (Paris Texas reference). Typical for this setting the music is bluesy, blue still with that same Stephen Babcock soft charm. It was a welcome change to see this artist commit heavily into a genre that he has flirted with in the past. The blues suits him.


Sean Maldjian