Atomic Trip | Strike #2

Strike #2 by Atomic Trip

Family Average: 4/7

Boom Boom baby! Let’s get this blog back to it’s roots. A bunch of different passionate opinions all of them claiming to be correct! Some are going to love it, some are going to hate it. Only thing they all have in common is that they all heard it. They have all experienced as a collective this Atomic Trip. This wall of sound comes to us from the fantastic band Atomic Trip. who work out of Lyon, France. Okay the anticipation is murder let's see what they all thought!

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Okay I have a feeling this album will not be popular with the rest of the family. At the same time, the whole point of this blog is that everyone has different opinions and none of them matter, so let's get to it.

Atomic Trip’s Strike #2 is a Doom Metal album that slowly thrusts you into a glorious apocalyptic nightmare. They paint a picture of a whole new world. This is a world not on the brink of destruction, but instead, one that has been pushed all the way over the edge. As it says on their Bandcamp description of the album. There is nothing left to do just grab some beer, a little weed, and wait for the inevitable demise. It really is pure nihilistic bliss.

Gosh, I love albums with lore behind them. Any time a band can conjure such a strong mood for a piece of music it just brings it to a whole new level. The album oozes this heavy dread and excitement. The guitars bombard you with walls of fuzz.

I love how it is able to come off as so bleak, yet at the same time triumphant. I guess that is how you would feel riding out the apocalypse.

Fans of Doom metal/Drone like Sleep, Boris, and Sunn O))) will find lots to enjoy here. No vocals, but hey who needs em when ya got all this sound!



THE DAD: Is this for real???



Oh my! This is horrifying. This is intense. This is exciting…? Whatever it is, it definitely sounds like an Atomic Trip. Strike #2 in particular sounds like a bunch of mutant bad guys are climbing out of the remains of a bomb going off with the intentions of beginning the world’s first apocalypse one strike short of being out in a baseball game. Does that make sense? Well, whatever that’s what it sounded like to me.



I went into this fully anticipating I would hate it. Nothing about me really screams "doom metal fan." And yeah -- doom is an actual genre of music. Let's just digest that for a second.

And while I can never totally wrap my head around the whole sludge, stoner, doom music scene, there was something about this album I actually really liked. With suffocating instrumentals, the two twenty-minute tracks are droning, heavy, and pretty dang bleak. It's complete noise, each and every chord bashed and held down, left reverberating with an excruciating repetition that seeks to separate mind from body. Completely raw and stripped down to riffs, it builds and repeats, and gives little to no respite.

And despite the heady suffocation of it all, I found it oddly calming. It was visceral, almost meditative. I'm impressed they managed to render such a disembodying and divisive experience solely through instrumentals.

Yeah, I'm still reeling that I liked this.



I mean it’s music, not quite sure what exactly I mean by that but whatever. At the beginning I was thinking this is very slow, it’s not bad, I could definitely listen to it. Then all the sudden, wall, it hits you. It picks up very quickly. Not a bad thing but pretty intense. After some time it chills back down. Very good beat and has some energy. I don’t know what I was expecting with this album but I think I am pleasantly surprised.


Sean Maldjian