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Family Average: 4/7

Get ready for a heavy trip out there! Sunroom Sanctuary has got a dose to send ya all into a psychosis! Then again if you are not down to “party” I am sure we can always use someone to drive us all home. At any rate this Canadian band is going to play a little music, and we all had some things to say about it.

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Oh wow! Am I happy we've been introduced to this album; it's my favorite of the week! Floaty and folky, we slowly lift off with "Hard Heart.” Then, with the pace set, we make our way through some tasty, trippy tunes. "Drift" was probably my favorite. There are some great lyrics in there and just an overall great sound. "Dreamhouse" compliments it nicely and then we get a little faster with "Let Me Go". Finally, we are sent gently off into the clouds with the slightly psychedelic "Clouding".

Her voice created haunting echos that followed me throughout the day—in a good way!



The first thing I thought was, this person has a beautiful voice! The songs were all basically "Nice" but for me nothing overly spectacular.  She reminds me a lot of Grace Slick in her earlier days (when she was good). I also hear The Cranberries in some tracks as well. It is, to me, a throwback to the 60's psychedelic and herein lies the problem for me.  I am not a big fan of this music, so although I appreciate the artist's work here, it's just not super appealing to me. I did like how they pushed the envelope trying different things. The flute in "Dream House" was pretty cool. I respect their talent, just not a fan of the genre. But it still deserves a



The way it started out I almost thought this was gonna be an instrumental album, so the voices took me by surprise. The instrumentals got a bit more focused once they started singing. It’s a chill album, the reverb gave it an indy, psychedelic vibe. But after a bit it’s like, okay where’s the changeup? All the songs kinda had the same sound to them. Even the vocals got monotonous. They relied too heavily on the reverb and didn’t vary their range. This style of singing I can deal with, but only for so long. Most of the time the songs would fade out before the next one started up, but the transition from “Drift” to “Dreamhouse” had an abrupt cut-off. “Let Me Go” was a nice reprieve from the monotony though. It had more energy and color to it, and had a neat funky guitar.

Some nice background music for when you’re hanging by the pool, it’s got enough but nothing more.



Pretty music. That distortion effect on the guitar I like a lot, her voice compliments it well.

I like the melancholiness, but some of the tracks towards the middle got a bit boring with it.

“Dreamhouse” brought me back, with the deeper dive into the psychedelics with the guitar.

"Dream" was a solid word choice, I’d say this album is dreamy.



Grab your comfort foods! It's getting heavy psych rock indie up in here. It's funny because when you think psych rock you do kinda get a heavy head banging kind of feeling. Then this little notion of lighthearted indie music sneaks in, and all of a sudden it loses some of the intensity. If I were to explain that better, I would say that I get some serious garage rock infused with Jefferson Airplane vibes from this one. Maybe it's the way the vocals kind of trail on zig zagging pitch to match the guitars, Or maybe it is because a lot of people around me are on drugs. Either way I am still having a good time. Favorite song on the album for me would have to be “And The Sunset.” I am just a sucker for that kind of plucky sounding guitar, and fun little change ups. All and all a pretty mellow ride. I wasn’t really over the moon about anything, but at the same time nothing was terrible.



First off, it’s seaglass. But seriously, any band with a generic beach theme/name deserves an instant -20 off of their final grade. Luckily, there probably won't be very many points to deduct from (haha funny). The music was okay and the vocals sounded funny, sometimes the levels were just too unbearable for me and it felt like the singer really loved the voicing for “AAAAHHH” “aaaahhhh” and decided to have it plague every song.


Sean Maldjian