Super Natural Psycho | Rendezvous With the Sun

Super Natural Psycho - Rendezvous With the Sun

Family Average: 6/7

Unlike American Psycho Super Natural Psycho does not involve hitting Jared Leto with an axe or Christian Bale trying to feed a cat to an ATM. While it does lack in A-list celebrity homicide it more than makes up for with overwhelmingly positive psychedelic rock goodness. Seriously though I am telling you to check these fellas out! Don’t just take my word for it though.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Supernatural Psycho's recent LP exudes a certain composure that feels self-possessed and self-aware. They know who they are and what they're about just as much as they know who they are drawing influence from and what those associations are. But it's a self-awareness that eschews any clichés by virtue of knowing these things, thus giving the work and their sound a whole new meaning. 

Evidently, this is an album of varied influences and interests. Each track feels familiar but distinct. It's got the psychedelia of the '60s, the groove of the '70s, and the grunge of '90s, all presented through a crisp contemporary lens. The vocals overlap and echo, weaving through riffing guitar and woozy moments of instrumentation. It's fuzzy but sharp, with an ethereality and an edge to it that makes it really compelling.

Rendezvous with the Sun got me right in the feels and carried me off into some sort of stupor. It's like they plucked all the best parts of music I like, covered it in tie-dye, and released this trippy, hazy, daydream-infused piece of work.



Press “play” on your Spotify to Rendezvous With the Sun and immediately feel as though you are walking up the two steps into a foggy, funky van. There’s floor pillows all around and furry jackets and bellbottoms. There’s Janis Joplin shades and Patti Smith haircuts. You’re probably wearing a mustard yellow crop top and your hair is littered with dirt, smoke, and little white flowers. By the end of of “Alice Comes Around” you are fully enthralled in whatever time, places, and people this album is conversing with. It’s a gentle slide back into a different time in music. No doubt my dad dug this one haha.

I like psychedelic rock when it’s done right and only under those circumstances. I feel like Rendezvous With the Sun comes from an earnest place, a practiced place, a space where they really drenched themselves in what was being developed. For that I can say they did it right. I don’t say that often haha. Very few times do I feel into a song that makes me feel like I’m running up rainbow stairs in an old house tripping on brownies. I really was swaying and smiling to the likes of “Sunshine” and “Rose Stoned”. What I will also say is that I feel a bit of a punk edge in here, which I am definitely digging. Particularly I hear it in “Black Cherry Morning” and “E.G.O”. It’s a slightly angry take on some of the other softer or loose tracks.

This album offers a place to get lost, and does it so effortlessly you don’t even feel yourself losing grip. What a trip. In a good way. Anyway gotta go, feel like I need to go buy and live in a van now.



Super Natural Psycho mash all kinds of stuff together in the best way. How fantastic is it when an album can come across as so effortlessly cool? I was holding their record in my hands a few weeks ago and thinking about the gorgeous look of the cover art. I remember thinking how much of a bummer it would be if the music did not deliver. I have seen it before. We’ve all been there: great art, mediocre music. Luckily this was not the case with this record. The stellar vintage inspired design on the cover was just a prelude to an enthralling Neo-psychedelic hard rocking jamboree.

Many familiar flavors from the past are brought back and given a modern twist on this record. Fans of any form of psychedelic music will find a lot to love here. From the hard-boppin tracks like “E.G.O.”, the suave tight jams in tracks like “Sunshine”, all the way to the way spacey tracks like “W.D.Y.L”. Yes, lovers of kaleidoscopes there is a lot of things for you here. Also, small side note: I hope I am not being too presumptuous in thinking the track titled “Alice Comes Around” is a reference to Alice In Wonderland.

I had a swell time with this ditty. If you were at all intrigued by any of my inane ramblings I suggest you take a listen. Bye everyone.



In the words of Jack Nicholson in the shining “Honey, I’m Home”! Oh yes, this is my kind of music. I really enjoy the psychedelic acid rock produced in sunny San Francisco during the late 60’s. The secret recipe is, killer vocals, harmonies, rock/blues guitar, tribal drum beat, and some dreamy effects. When it comes to Super Natural Psycho, they score 10 out of 10 on the ingredients.  “Rose Stoned” was a fun trip. I was always a Jefferson Airplane fan and this band echos back to that time in music’s history. The song can really “feed your head”. One can’t help to think that their song “Alice comes around” is a solid nod to “Go Ask Alice”.

Other highlights were “E.G.O” and “Black Cherry Morning”. These were refreshing tracks that felt very familiar, but also presented an updated, fresh version of the genre I’ve always loved. They could easily serve as the soundtrack to an Oliver Stone movie.  

6/7   Far Out and Groovy Man

Sean Maldjian