The Strokes | Is This It?


Family Average: 6/7

The Strokes are notorious. Everyone knows ‘em. Everyone loves ‘em. And if they don’t love ‘em, they love to hate ‘em. 

Helmed by Julian Casablancas, their debut album tops many a list. These babies sussed that early-to-mid 2000s moment of cool city-kid angst and ran with it, hell for leather — while dressed in a lot of leather. 

Below, the family revisits the lauded record and takes a lil’ trip down memory lane.  


You see, it's all clear you were meant to be here... from the beginning (Emerson Lake & Palmer) I have always liked the Strokes, it was fun to see how they got to where they are now, this earlier song has the same formula, but has yet to be refined. A nice trip down memory lane. 



Every darn song on this record is a bigger banger than the one that just played. It is constantly increasing until it hits terminal velocity and blows through your very soul like a yellow hummer.



Yes. This is it. This album is The Strokes’ greatest album. You’ll feel nostalgic for your youth even if you’re still young.



The Strokes broke a lot of hearts this summer when their set at Gov Ball was cancelled. It was due to the fact that the Heavens opened, releasing an onslaught of torrential rain and an end-of-the-world hail storm, but still, people were distraught.

May this soothe our wounds. Their debut album is subject to much hype, but it stands the test of time (time being approx. 18 years) and remains a really excellent record. Casablancas reaches for some Lou Reed-y vocals, and there’s a bit of post-punk energy coursing through. It will make you nostalgic for some Cheap Monday jeans, for sure.