Family Average: 5/7


Thick by Thick smacks you in the face and never let's you come back up for air. Think Joan Jet meets the Go Go's. Every song was high energy and an instant favorite! I want more!!



Thick by Thick is good for the Soul, this is well produced classic rock and roll. The instruments, vocals and effect are all very well balanced on all three tracks, this is well polished Pop and I really enjoyed it.



This shit pops off; you know its good when you can't pick out a favorite song. Just the right amount of dust in there!

7/7 - Kevin Maldjian © Kevin Maldjian 2019


Hey, last time i heard these gals playing was at Brooklyn Bazaar a few months ago. Back then times were colder, and I did not have a nasty looking mustache. I remember thinking that they had heaps of energy and this thoughts is reaffirmed having now heard their newest EP. The band boasts a similar sound to the fantastic Girl Germs. An Australian Punk band we reviewed a few months back. The two bands have pounding drums, driving guitar, and choruses that are fun as heck to scream along to. That being said Thick splits off in another direction in that they are a bit more melodic. This puts a little bit of coordination in the moshing. I am always for a little coordination. Helps prevent my beer from spilling as much. 

The three little songs do well to distill life in the Brooklyn indie punk scene. By the end of it you will be ready to get a stick and poke, or maybe shotgun a PBR.


Sean Maldjian