Weyes Blood | Titanic Rising

Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood.jpg

Family Average: 6/7


Very unique and refreshing to listen to someone with talent for writing interesting lyrics and setting them to what seems to be rather classical music. I wanted to find out more about Natalie and I was happy to see that she and I share the same Birthday, June 11th!  I think I would describe her music as experimental soft rock maybe even with some psychedelic overtones. I definitely feel a classical influence to her music as well.

The track, “Something to Believe” may be my favorite.  Her voice and the arrangement are so beautiful and powerful at the same time, it reminded me a bit of Florence and the Machine.  I thought the short instrumental tracks, like the title track, made the album feel more like a work of art. She was working toward something greater than just putting out an album. It is truly a collection, masterfully weaved together to create this work. The only track I just wasn’t crazy about was “Movies”. The addition of the synthesizer just kind of threw me off.  I much prefer it when she sticks to more orchestrial or classical arrangements. Happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this work from my new “Birthday Buddy”! I give this a



Hot damn! I’m not just saying that because it’s about 100 degrees in Jersey City as I write this. I haven’t heard a sound quite like this, that is being created in Weyes Blood’s Titanic Rising. My first thought was folky...definitely folky. But then I felt some experimental stuff start to weave its way into the progressing tracks. Then “Everyday” felt rather psychedelic and upbeat. The trip continues into the instrumental title track and then the following tracks just build up on the exploration of all these genres, with an extra element of something almost classical or church-like. It’s this second half of the album that really THRIVES for me babay. Particularly a fan of the ironically mellow “Wild Time”. 

I usually try to compare these artists we find to other artists I know. I can’t say that I can do that with Weyes Blood. She’s in her own realm to me. Trance-like, folky, fun, emotional, etc etc. The album cover couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s everyday but with a very surreal twist. Bravo! Okay now time to take an ice bath it’s seriously so hot haha. 


Sean Maldjian