VRGO | You Can Be (Single)


Family Average: 4/7

Zodiac signs can be a controversial topic. One person may live their life by these constellations of stars, retweet astro-poet, or even just have a Scorpio key chain…while and the next person may say it’s all crazy talk. LA-based recording artist, VRGO and his single “You Can Be” may have had a similar affect on the family this week. While some were entranced and reminded of another popular artist, others weren’t as convinced.

What’s your sign? No matter. Listen along on VRGO’s Bandcamp and read on to find out what the fam thought:


What a positive message! You can be anything you want to be. I do not know what planet this would be considered alternative but whoever put it in this category was smoking something. I would think this is more hip hop with the beats and verses. His voice reminds me of Tyler The Creator, very deep and clear. I also like his lyrics. However, I do not like the female voiceover. It just doesn’t fit with the song. On another note, I think I am a Virgo (born in Sept??) so there is a great connection right there. Overall this song is a good listen and would definitely recommend you listening for yourself.



I always feel like I should issue a disclaimer prior to writing anything about rap or hip-hop. So, please take everything I say with a grain of salt because I am so, so out of my wheelhouse.

That being said, I liked this. It was smooth and flowed with a really nice mix of woozy sounds and deeper, paced vocals. There’s a subtlety and quietness to it that’s quite beautiful, with a melodic, dream-like quality. As the beat is consistent and repetitive, the song actually has little variation, but it allowed the vocals and lyrics to take center stage. I feel like this guy has got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, so I’d like to hear a full EP from him. I’m always down for a music that will put me into a meditative, hazy state, so send more my way, please and thank you.



I want to be stuff too.

I don’t know guys. I’m a big fan of melodramatic lyrics, but when they are so on the nose I get a little put off. Further into the song it started to get fun with mention of the devil, and other wild situations, but the whole “I am really sad” stuff before that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I understand music is an awesome outlet for getting emotions out. I just have a hard time going along with it when it is so up front with its message.

I don’t mean to get stuck on the lyrics, because honestly the music was great. It had that super low-fi distorted sound, I came to love from early Tyler, the Creator stuff—I’m talking about Bastard here folks. I get heavy heavy bastard vibes from this. Fans of super deep tones, and darker outlooks will find stuff to like here.



This really sounds like Tyler, the Creator in almost all aspects, and not like it was an accident. The beats and where they go, the deepness of his voice and the inflections, what he emphasizes, it is undeniable.

But at least he's not doing it bad, and hints of himself do come in. That like bottom initial beat I like, and it doesn't sound like Tyler.

Towards the end he seems to be more himself, not just a clone of Tyler, so I like that better.

His lyrics (throughout the whole song) are honest and tender, he’s not afraid to be fragile, broken. He’s telling you how he actually feels, a look inside his head.

This song is like written to himself, for himself, telling himself he can be what he wants to because he has to believe that.

I like him, he just needs to be a little more himself. Its okay to be influenced by Tyler but he needs to stray a bit more from him and nurture the aspects of his music where he shines out as really himself.



If I rubbed a genie lamp and had to make three wishes about this song I guess I would ask for this:

1) I wish that this song didn't have vocals, the first 10 seconds were way better than the rest of the track. I liked the vocal samples though, they can stay. The samples reminded me like it was something Burial esque which made a cool vibe.

2) Please Mister Genie, turn off the lame distortion that everyone thinks must be on a rap song. If you are having trouble locating where its coming from open up your song, find this (see image below): Click it and press “Delete”.

3) My wish number 3 would be that you have a really good day and maybe rethink the album cover because it makes me feel really uncomfortable .

Thumbs up!


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Sean Maldjian