Trace Mountains | Where It Goes


Family Average: 4/7


Trace Mountains: although this track was nice, it did not leave a lasting impression on me. It was like Tofu, it’s nice but you’d rather have a martini and a 16 ounce strip steak.



Usually auto tune pisses me off, but not this time -- boy is this smooth. Seriously, the percussion is mixed so damn clean and the guitar matching your phrasing on the chorus makes me happy.  *subscribes* 6/7


Trace Mountains makes me think sweet and soulful.  The production perfectly compliments his well thought out lyrics and his smooth hypnotic voice.



Trace Mountains is at the helm of this fantastic new trend emerging of ultra polished but still intimate synth pop. In this new trend you can draw clear lines to acts like Alex G, KGW, and Coma Cinema. Where Trace mountain and these others divert however is in their style of production. Buzzing fuzzing distortion is replaced with crisp auto-tune, and synthesized drum loops. As someone who is always trying to crank up distortion I was surprised with how quickly this artist won me over. Even without the fuzzy bits around the edges the final product still holds on to an important aspect. That aspect being the immense amount of emotion pouring out of all sides of this track. I will nod my head along and shed tears till the cows come home.


Sean Maldjian