The Zephyr Bones | Secret Place


Family Average: 5/7

This is a SECRET PLACE people. What’s the password? No seriously. We can’t get in.

It doesn’t matter much though because this album have got us all feeling some kinda way. It’s a nostalgic and pink infused trip of good times and good vibes, so come along for the ride and see what this motley crew had to say about the Zephyr Bones latest release.

Listen along on their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Yeah I think it’s safe to say this album feels nice. It’s got a good chill vibe to it. A tinge of nostalgia, but that might be cause it sounds like a band my sis used to play in the car on the way to the beach which I can’t remember the name of.

Sorta reminiscent of the Morning Benders if they were a bit more wavy and used excessive reverb effects. The reverb works for the most part, but sometimes it gets excessive. It’s a sound that brings to mind a grainy film shot of a beach pier with low frame rate.

“Las Olas” was my fave of the bunch; the subtle drums, minimal echo, and occasional odd noise accompany the front lining guitar riff really well. You can also make out some of the words. Some like “I’ve Lost My Dinosaur” can take you by surprise. It feels kinda weak at first in comparison, like it’s empty and unfinished. But in the middle it picks up and really starts moving. “Secret Place” is cool and stands out a bit from the others. It has an almost chip tune feel to it, but is hurt a little by the breathy vocals which often overpower the instrumentals.

Overall, a super mellow listen. Maybe tone down the reverb just a little bit sometimes.



Wahh, feels like I am floating in a pool of thick pink goo! I really don’t know how that will translate into the minds of all of you but to me that is a very positive experience. Its like the kind you see in all those science fiction movies, maybe altered states. Anyway, I like it and now I am going to explain a bit why.

It's got that wavy 80s summer throwback down pat. The tight, sneezy sounding snare drum, swelling vocals, and a nice little plucky guitar that shimmers along with the melody. So yeah I am down with this….I like Beach House probably why my favorite tracks are “I’ve Lost My Dinosaur” and “September” they get me slow dancing.



The Zephyr Bones are in their own rose-tinted, starry-eyed world and I want to go to there. There is something totally lovely about this album. It's all sorts of hazy and melodic and beachy and nostalgic. I've also got to give credit to the ace track titles of "Jugular Child on the Carousel" and "The Arrow of Our Youth." I mean...oof. It's a perfect and pleasurable mix of synth, steady drums, and bending guitar that is warm and inviting. I was lulled me into a languid, care-free headspace where it's always summer and always chill. These boys seem to have carved out their own fantastic and personal world within the dream pop/beach wave scene and I am here for it. It was a (day) dream to listen to.  



Very interesting! This group gave me a beach music feel yet they remind me of Post Punk/New Wave of the 80's. Such a cool combination. Las Olas was my favorite track. Felt like I was driving down the highway listening to the Punk version of Jackson Brown, lol. Definitely the 80's are present on this album but with a modern twist I really enjoyed. The layering and mixture of sounds creates a dreamy mood. I will add a couple of these tracks to my next yoga playlist, just so I get to listen to them more.

Very fun contribution here. Looking forward to hearing more of The Zephyr Bones!



Magical. This I enjoyed a lot. Very surfy but with worldly sounds. I'm glad I have this downloaded, I'm gonna listen to "Hurricanes" a couple dozen more times on this bus ride.  A refreshing take on this type of surfy music, I'm not bored, it's different enough, fresh. Just right, relaxing and sunny.


Sean Maldjian